The guest lecture at Department of Microbiology was on Antibiotic Resistanceheld on 5/5/09


guest Lecture

The Yenepoya Medical College was the venue for a talk by Dr. Srikar Amladi, MD, Retired Professor and H.O.D, Department of Pharmacology, TN Medical College Mumbai, invited and hosted by Dr.S.N.Rao, MD, Professor and Head, Department of Pharmacology. Yenepoya Medical College. Dr.Amladi covered a wide range of activities based on his personal experiences over the last 60 years., and explained the relevance of each of them in the larger context health promotion and fitness and thus widen the scope of medical science entitled.

Profusely illustrated by colour slides, he spanned the following range:

  • Hiking to promote aerobic capacity and develop self confidence and coordination,
  • Rock climbing to unlock personal potential of skills, judgment, calculated risk taking sense of achievement, comradeship, courage and cooperation between fellow enthusiasts
  • Himalayan Mountaineering to learn strong skills and learn mountain medicine and high altitude problems and their solutions.

He showed how exploration of natural areas can yield clues to plant life with possibility of pharmacological study and acquaint the medical person with indigenous herbal medicine and even provide subjects for doctoral thesis. Overall appreciation of nature and flora, fauna, plants and insects, and the like, evokes the final sensibilities of anyone and enhances the quality of life during student life and later too. The talk was greatly appreciated by the audience of academicians, young and old alike.


Family Care Programme


As an initiative to create awareness on the control of Chikungunya and other vector borne diseases, MBBS students of Term VI (Batch B) conducted an awareness programme in Balepuni area on 11th June. Three different groups of students conducted this programme. A group containing 6 students with assistance from Mr. Kishore (MSW Unit) conducted the programme for the students of Z. P. Higher Primary School. H.Kaliu Balepuni and the rest of the groups visited 150 houses at Navagram housing colony and at the site opposite to the Mudipu Church. Information on causes, symptoms, importance of early treatment and prevention was disseminated during the course of the programme. Along with this people were sensitized on various mosquito borne diseases like Malaria, Filariasis and Dengue. Mrs. Irene Veigas (Lecturer and Senior Health Educator­Department of Community Medicine) coordinated the programme.


Medical Check up Camp at Soorinje

A Medical check up camp was organized by Hidayath English Medium School, Soorinje in collaboration of Yenepoya Med­ical College at Hidayath English Medium School on 20th April. 108 patients attended the camp and 14 were referred for further treatment at YMCH.


Medical Check up Camp at Kasargod

A Medical check up camp was organized by Kamath Medical Centre, Kasargod in collabora­tion with Yenepoya Medical College at Kamath Medical Centre, Kasargod on 4th May. 211 patients attended the camp and 72 were referred for further treatment at YMCH.


Medical Check up and Bone Density Test Camp at Kasaba Bengare

Medical check up and bone density test camp was orga­nized jointly by Prajna CCF Project and Yenepoya Medical College on 11th May at Ma­drasa Hall, Kasaba Bengare. 173 patients attended thecamp and 24 were referred for further treatment at YMCH.


Eye Screening and Blood Donation Camp at Mangalajyothi School

Eye screening and blood donation camp was organized by Kudupu P.H.C and C.C.F. Project of Mangalajyothi School in collaboration with Yenepoya Medical College on 20th March at P.H.C Sub Centre, Neer­marga. 45 patients attended the camp and 16 were referred for further treatment at YMCH. Mr. Oliver Pinto, ex-president of Neermarga Panchayat inaugurated the camp. Mr. Narayan the C.C.F. Project Superintendent spoke on the occasion.