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Yenepoya Ethics Committee - 1 (YEC-1)

YUEC Members from July 2017 - 2020

Name Status Designation
Dr Vikram Shetty  MBBS, MS (Ortho)  External- Chairperson
Mr SaduddinSalihi LLB,LLM External- Legal 
Dr Sayeegeetha  PhD (Tulu Language) External- Layperson
Fr Teji Thomas   B.Ph, B.Th, GNM (Nursing)  External- Priest
Dr Ravi Vaswani MD, PG Dip Bioethics Internal- Clinician
Dr Laxminarayana Sonde BDS, MDS Internal- Basic Scientist
Dr Nagapati Bhat MD Internal- Pharmacologist
Mr Mohd Guthigar MSW, PhD Internal- Social Scientist
Ms Viji Prasad C  MSc, PG Dip Bioethics Internal Nurse
Mr Y Moideen Khurshid  MBA Internal Risk Assessor
Dr Uma Kulkarni   DOMS, DNB(Oph), PGDBEME, PGDCE Internal -Member Secretary 























YUEC Registrar Notification July 2017


1.YUEC Preparation of SOP

2.YUEC Constitution of EC


4.YUEC Selection Independent Consultant

5.YUEC Guest observer procedure

6.YUEC Protocol submission management

7.YUEC Initial review categories

7A.YUEC Initial Full Review

7B.YUEC Expedited review

7C.YUEC Exemption review

8.YUEC Agenda meeting minutes

9.YUEC Resubmissions amendments

10.YUEC Continuing review

11.YUEC Protocol Deviations

12.YUEC serious adverse event

13.YUEC Review Completion

14.YUEC Premature termination

15.YUEC Waiver IC

16.YUEC Site monitoring

17.YUEC Requests Complaints Queries

18.YUEC Maintenance archival retrieval

19.YUEC Vulnerable populations

20.YUEC Audit inspections

21.YUEC training


22.Intent of YEC - 1: "Enhancing quality of research through protection of research participants" 


23.Renaming of the ethics Committee 




How to submit a proposal for ethical clearance:

  • 1. All applications must be signed by all investigators, and other relevant authorities of the university as applicable.
  • 2. Applications must be addressed to the Secretary, Yenepoya University Ethics Committee
  • 3. All applications must be submitted in duplicate (print copies) and one soft copy (CD). Email submissions will not be accepted.
  • 4. Applications received only fifteen days before the scheduled meeting will be eligible to be heard
  • 5. It is the PI's responsibility to submit the corrections advised within the stipulated time.
  • 6. Incomplete forms are liable to undue delays.
  • 7. If required, the PI may be invited by the Secretary, YUEC, to clarify ethical doubts, either orally, or in writing or in the form of a presentation. In such an event, the PI personally has to make himself/herself available for the clarifications. In the unusual event that the PI is unable to be present he/she can send his/her representative along with a letter highlighting reasons for absence.
  • 8. Six-monthly progress reports and study closure report are mandatory.
  • 9. Changes in the title, objectives, methodology and/or analysis requires reporting to the ethics committee, which will decide on whether fresh application for ethical clearance is required.
  • 10. Decisions on ethical waiver, expedited review or full review rest solely with the YUEC.
  • Please download this checklist; print it, check the items included and submit along with the application


    Application form initial submission sponsored regulatory rct


    Application initial submission academic or dissertation study


    Check list for protocol submission rct


    Checklist and sample for informed consent for pg pi


    Checklist for protocol submission academic dissertation study


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