The Founder - Yenepoya Moideen Kunhi
Moideen Kunhi

It was the unflinching dedication of a visionary, the late Mr Yenepoya Moideen Kunhi, that has in the span of over half a century, grown into a robust conglomerate - the Yenepoya Group.

What took root in the timber trade has gradually diversified into commerce & industry, hospitality and health care. Recent years have also seen the realization of his vision of spreading the light of education. The Yenepoya University stands testimony to this. YMK continues to be our inspiration and our guiding force ...

Whatever progress we have made over the years – whatever we have achieved today – is a direct result of the foresight of our founder – Yenepoya Moideen Kunhi - a highly focused individual, who had set clear goals for himself as far back as five decades ago.

Known for his principles of discipline, punctuality, hard work and integrity, Yenepoya Moideen Kunhi entered the timber business in a small way with trading in Adhur, Muliyar and Kasaragod. The logs were transported by floating them throughout the river Chandragiri and later by bullock carts.

His flagship venture, Yenepoya Moideen Kunhi & Co. was established in 1940, at Ashoknagar, on the banks of the river Gurupur.

Seven years later, he migrated from Kerala to Mangalore and the very next year - a year after India attained her independence - he purchased the first truck for transportation of the timber.

Thereafter, 1952 onwards he started purchasing timber from Neria Village of Belthangady Taluk.

From the next 10 years, he was one of the leading supplier of timber sizes for sleepers in the Indian Railways.

Later on he began to supply and meet the timber requirements of the Military through M/s. B F Wadia of Mumbai.