Vision, Mission and Objectives.


To provide access to quality higher education, ensuring equity, to create a vibrant knowledge capital and to create inspiring leaders of tomorrow who can take this country to the forefront of the developed nations.


          • To achieve academic excellence and global competencies among students.
          • To create an environment for the generation of new knowledge through meaningful research, adopting latest methods of pedagogy and incorporating modern principles of academics integrated with highest ethical standards.
          • To extend the knowledge acquired and new knowledge generated for the development of the community.



          • To be at the forefront of innovation by consistently up dating curriculum, course content and practices enabling the students to be competent and well versed in the respective field of study.
          • Provide use of cutting edge technology and resources available to ensure effective transaction of the course content.
          • To complement classroom learning with interactive learning systems and hands on learning by creating a collaborative Industry University Interface.
          • Provide freedom to continuously evaluate the evaluation systems and be at the forefront of innovation to enable and incorporate best practices.
          • To promote research in the frontier areas of the subject by encouraging the faculty and students by inculcating ethical principles in research.
          • To facilitate knowledge exchange by organizing seminars, symposia, workshops, lectures and other such activities.
          • To facilitate communication and collaboration with academia, industry and society.
          • To create advanced centers of research by developing state-of-the art facilities and meaningful collaborations.
          • To sensitize the students towards the social responsibilities by incorporating value education system.
          • To extend the university services to the community for building a healthy, empowered and sustainable society.
          • To build human resources and develop technologies to respond to the professional needs of the society.
          • To take up extension and outreach programs to serve the community.