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The Centre for Environmental Studies is dedicated for sustainable development. Our environmental policy reflects the commitment of the University towards the environment. The eco- friendly stance is seen in the University’s best practices as a no smoking, plastic free, clean and green campus. Efforts are being made to develop the campus on green concepts particularly focus on water conservation, use of alternative sources of energy, solid waste management, green belt development, sustainable architectural designs of buildings, environmental education and awareness. The campus is designed with several features for reducing energy consumption and utilizing renewable natural resources such as solar panels and rain water harvesting ponds. Waste water is recycled and used for landscape irrigation. As a sustainable initiative we have a vermicomposting unit to recycle organic waste from kitchen and garden using earthworms. Extensive landscape developed over the years encourages biodiversity. A medicinal plant garden comprising of many medicinal plant species is maintained in the campus.


To ensure a planet where all life forms thrive.



To develop skills and practices for sustainable development, this contributes to enviornmental protection



  • To promote awareness among all segments of the society
  • To educate students and inculcate eco-friendly attitude
  • To conduct research and disseminate solutions community issues
  • Establish efficient harvesting of renewable natural resources.


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Dr. Bhagya B. Sharma

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