Centre for Student Welfare

Goals & Objectives
•    To promote psychological, emotional  &  holistic  well being  in every  individual   of  Yenepoya ( Deemed to be ) University.
•    To  harness the  varied  talents of  the  students  of Yenepoya ( Deemed to be) University
•    To provide and create opportunities  for students to actively participate  in:
Intellectual pursuits
Social activities
Cultural talent exhibition
Life skills  & Self Development Activities

Counselling & Student Welfare
Life on Campus  is about charting new territories  and scaling  new heights  on an everyday basis  . This experience is sometimes accompanied by  uncertainty , performance lows in academics and self confidence  , anger issues &  emotional distress  just to name a few   . A full time psychotherapist & counsellor is available on campus to ensure holistic emotional  wellness to those who seek it  .  

Cultural & Co-Curricular Activities
•    Various cultural events are conducted ,  where the staff and students are encouraged to actively participate.
•    Yenepoya Cultural Fest
Yentity – Staff Culturals
Renaissance – Student Culturals
The students also actively participate  in various cultural and academic fests hosted  in other colleges in the district ,  state and on the national level.

Student Welfare Officers

Obeida Shoukath                                                                                                                                         Sunitha Prabhu

      Ms Obeida Shoukath                                                                                                                                                            Ms Sunita Prakash Prabhu

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