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Facilities Which Focus On Competency/ Employability/ Entrepreneurship/ Skill-Development

Facilities Which Focus On Competency/ Employability/ Entrepreneurship/ Skill-Development

Yenepoya (Deemed to be University) works towards creating skilled and competent professionals. Curriculum enrichment processes by the University ensure quality education is imparted through enhanced learning experience.

Employability- Majority of the programmes offered is of professional nature and so provides opportunity for self employment. Toensure employability, the University has introduced Finishing School and exit examination processes. Further, guided usage of onlinelearning platforms- MOOCs such as SWAYAM, Coursera etc. have improved the ICT-enabled learning and training.

Competency and Skill Development:ACTSYEN (Advanced Comprehensive Clinical Training and Simulation Center): This facility is one of the most appreciatedand utilized simulation centre for training the students and faculty. The availability of hi-Fidelity simulators, task trainers and avirtual dissection table makes the facility one of the acclaimed centres in the country. The students are trained in comprehensivetreatment protocols through innovative training skill modules as a part of the curriculum.

ASSEND (Advanced Surgical Skill Enhancement Division): A highly advanced Robotic Surgery Skills Centre provides hands-ontraining in robotic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, liver transplantation, renal transplantation and ARDS model.

Phantom head laboratory: Imparts hands-on training to students through simulators and virtual trainers (CAD, CAM, 3DPrinting,etc.)

Bioinformatics Centre for Skill Development: provides training in Mass spectrometry-based Metabolomics Technologies fundedby DBT, Government of India.

Teaching hospitals: Provide diverse clinical materials with excellent hands-on skill-based training in OT, wards, OPDs, and ICUs.

The Centre for Ethics: Offers unique programs in Bioethics, Medical Ethics, Clinical Ethics, Research Ethics, and other valueadded courses. M.Sc. Research Ethics program is fully supported by the NIH, USA.

This is the firstResearch EthicsPostgraduateprogramoffered inIndia.

Yenepoya Centre for Personal and Professional Development and Yenunciate To astmasters club offer professional development programs for the students through modular courses on soft skills and through implementation of UGC quality mandate Deeksharambh, and JeevanKaushal.


Yenepoya Research Centre : Offers a unique Government of Karnataka sponsored PG Diploma programme Biotechnology Industry Skill Enhancement using Omics platforms and students undergo industry internships to acquire employability skills.

Social responsiveness and community engagement: The Rural HealthCare Development Centre (RHCDC) and community oriented teaching departments impart additional training through family adoption, field visits, and survey with service programs to the students.

Yenepoya Foundation for Technology Incubation: Provides the orientation to entrepreneurship activities in the areas of innovation, intellectual property, translational research, MedTech Design,etc.

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS): Academic flexibility is provided to the students through various electives to enhance theircreativity, employability, and entrepreneurial skills.

Collaborations:Memorandum of Understanding with reputed Institutions of excellence and industries for the internship, observer-ship, and researchexchange have provided opportunities to the students to be competent.

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