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The Directorate of Academics of the University is responsible for the following;
•    Develop, assess, and supervise academic activities in compliance with statutory regulations and accreditation body standards. 
•    Regularly assesses the procedures to improve transparency and quality and updates academic programs, including curricula, courses, and infrastructure, to ensure their quality. 
•    Facilitate academic meetings through the Departmental Boards of Studies, and the Faculty Boards of Studies culminating in the University Academic Council.
•    Schedule, plan, and implement the decisions made in academic meetings.
•    Empower faculty to develop teaching modules based on the curricula and syllabi designed. 
•    Facilitate implementation of competency-based/outcome-based curriculum
•    Sensitize the faculty on UGC and MHRD ICT-enabled initiatives and Quality mandates.
•    Analyze feedback from all the stakeholders for strengthening the academic courses and programs.

The Directorate of Academics collaborates with the following stakeholders in the implementation of the mandate
•    Office of the Registrar
•    Deans of the Faculties of Study
•    Controller of Examinations
•    Faculty Development Centre
•    Educational Units of constituent units
•    Curriculum committees of the Constituent units
•    Student councils

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