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Registration No:- 347/PO/ReBi-S/Rc-L/01/CPCSEA
Name of the Establishment:-Yenepoya Medical and Dental College

Address of establishment:-Nithyananda Nagar P.O., Deralakatte, Mangalore - 575 018, Karnataka

Type of Animal House Facility:-Small/Large Animal Facility

The Yenepoya (deemed to be University) Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) is involved in reviewing and approval of all types of research proposals involving small animal experimentation before the start of the study.

For experimentation on large animals, the proposal is required to be forwarded to CPCSEA in prescribed manner with recommendation of IAEC. YU-IAEC will monitor the research throughout the study and after completion of study through periodic reports and visit to animal house and laboratory where the experiments are conducted. The committee will ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, applicable rules, guidelines and laws, so that a quality and consistent ethical review mechanism for research on animals is put in place for all proposals dealt by the Committee as prescribed by the CPCSEA (Committee for the purpose of control and supervision of experiments on animals) under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, 1960 and Breeding and Experimentation Rules 1998.

YU-IAEC meetings will be held twice in a year, tentatively in the first week of February and first week of August.

The call for submission of protocol for YU-IAEC clearance will be updated in the website (YU-IAEC meeting circular).

Any changes in the schedule will be notified in advance.

Interested Faculty/Ph.D Scholars/PG students/UG students should submit the completed Revised form B and their research protocol involving laboratory animals [soft copy & 1 hard copy] to IAEC before
1 st Week of January/ 1 st Week of July.

Revised form B can be downloaded from the Yenepoya University [folder name: IAEC, web]

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Revised Form B

Revised Form D

Checklist Form B for large animals

Rodent study declaration form for large animal experiments

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