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Yenepoya Ethics Committee - 2

DHR provisional certificate

List of SOP Yenepoya Ethics Committee 2

DCGI Approval Notification

Reconstitution of Severe Adverse Event (SAE) Team member for Yenepoya Ethics Committee 2

Reconstitution of Yenepoya Ethics Committee 2 of Yenepoya (Deemed to be) University

General instructions for protocol submission for ethical clearance

Self-assessment checklist for participant information sheet

Guidelines for writing informed consent

Self-assessment checklist for informed consent document

Guidelines for writing participant information sheet

Constitute of CTRI monitoring committee

YEC2 Annexure 

YEC2 members from July 2020 

Name Qualifications Role in ethics committee Affiliation 
Dr. Vijay Hegde     MDS, PGDBEME
Bioethicist, Member External member 
Dr. Jayaram Padakanayya  B.Com, LLB Lawyer  External member 
Ms. Jameela  BA Lay person  External member
Dr. Kumuda  Rao  MDS, PGDMLE Risk assessor  External member
Dr. Suphala Kotian  MSW, PhD Social Scientist  External member
Dr. Prasanna  Keshava B  MD (Ayurveda) Chairperson External member
Dr.Sahana Devadasa Acharya   MBBS, MD, PGDBEME Pharmacologist External member 
Dr. H.G. Thippeswamy MBBS, MD Clinician  Internal member
Dr. Rashmi Jain  MBBS, MS,PGDBEME Clinician  Internal member
Dr. K .Leena Pramod


Risk assessor  , Bioethicist Internal member
Dr. Padmini Thalanjeri  MBBS, MD, PGDBEME, FAIMER  Fellow

Member Secretary 

Internal member 
Dr. H.Hari Kishore Bhat  MDS, PGDBEME, PGDCE

Bioethicist, Member 

Internal member
Dr. Grrishma.B M.B.B.S., M.D, PGDBEME ,DNB 
Bioethicist Internal member


Severe Adverse Event (SAE) team member of Yenepoya ethics committee 2

Members Role
Dr. Prbhakar Adake Chairperson 
Dr.H.G.Thippeswamy  Executive secretary 
Dr.Rashmi Jain Member 
Dr.Prasanna Keshava B Member 
Mr.Jayaram Padakanayya  Member 
Dr.Padmini Thalanjeri  Member 
Dr.Vijaya Hegde Member 
Dr.H.Hari Kishore Bhat  Member 


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